Bioenergetic Assessments
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Our Thoughts, our Emotions are creative in the material world, for the best, but also for the worst, and can cause stress and illnesses.


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Not wait for the breaking point

The stress of urban, professional and family life, the surrounding fears in this period of loss of landmarks, can lead to breaking points. Difficult to overcome, even triggering a downward spiral of depressive, negative thoughts, unsociability, isolation etc ... then potentially health problems.

Without waiting for this critical phase, this tipping point, it is possible to precisely find the causes of your problems. And so to go back to these root causes to treat them and make you find serenity, balance, recklessness and joy of living.


Find out the problems origins

Causal analysis of health concerns and psychological difficulties is therefore essential.

Bioenergetic and Psycho-energetic imagery (GDV/BIOWELL) allow us to see factually the effects of our past and present thoughts and emotions on our energy and our state of health.

So by identifying the history or topicality of energy dysfunctions, we can deduce the cause and effect relationships between accidents in life, family, marital or professional problems and health problems or psychological difficulties.

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How ?

For this, in addition to the energetic perceptions and feelings of the therapist, we use energetic and psycho-energetic imaging devices the GDV/BIOWELL (Prof. Korotkov) and the quantum machine of Stéphane Cardinaux (LVA).

These devices restore factual psycho-energy balances that allow us to understand the origin of your ailments.

They identify the history of the effect of our thoughts, our emotions, our past and that of our ancestors on our Energetic and Vibratory structure, and therefore on our health and our well-being.


At the end of a Psycho-Energetic Assessment session, you will receive a complete document of ten to a dozen pages of analyzes synthesized by one or more evolution strategies.

A psycho-energetic assessment can be done remotely.








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Bioenergetic and Psyho-energetic Therapies allow us to solve health problems resulting from our emotions,thoughts, and past events in ou lives.


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Solve and bounce back

A Psycho-energetic therapy is a Brief Therapy of approximately 4 sessions.

A MEANING Therapy, based on energy treatments, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Lithotherapy and Ayurvedic principles.



After a Psycho-energetic Assessment, the origins of the energy disturbances that may have caused your health or psychological problems are identified:

Puce 1 Shock or emotional pain;

Puce 1 Injuries, or traumas more or less old;

Puce 1 Transgenerational issues;

Puce 1 Energy Disturbances in places of life, work;

Puce 1...






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Solve and Rebalance

It is then possible to eradicate the root cause by energetic and vibratory treatments. You will not change the past which attracted these affections but your perceptions of these events which will be modified by:

Puce 1 Energy rebalancing;

Puce 1 Sound;

Puce 1 Light;

Puce 1 AND Psychologically: by becoming aware of changes in behavior and habits to be achieved in our life.









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By short therapies of 4 sessions on average, you get out of the problem and grow in consciousness. You take back power over your energies, your body, and ultimately your life trajectory.


Restore lasting order

These Bioenergetic and Psycho-energetic Therapies are aimed at everyone, but above all at all those who need to find lasting balance, carefreeness and joie de vivre.

All those who wish to eliminate the impacts of the accidents of life, the psychological and physical ordeals that have caused psychological trauma and then impacts on health.

Those who desire to "Erase" certain "programs" of fears, guilt, social programs or "patterns" or unresolved transgenerational issues that may have long disrupted a person's psychology and health.

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