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"If quantum mechanics has made it possible to demonstrate that each cell, tissue, system ... operates on a specific frequency whose characteristics vary according to the hazards of life, quantum bio-resonance now makes it possible to measure bodily frequencies, to analyze their variations and deal with their imbalances. It is both revolutionary and salutary ""



Complementing the therapist's abilities, new energy imagery methods make it possible to visualize and factualize energy "disorders", to really make you understand your history, those of your parents, or even grandparents, and to deduce the causes of the blockages or resistances generating difficulties in life or health problems.

They also have an educational value since they make it possible to understand and anticipate the cause and effect relationships between thoughts, emotions, and your well-being or your health.




ABILIGHT mainly uses the following 2 devices:


Pr KOROTKOV's GDV camera and software, the first device of its kind to have been widely distributed internationally, is the result of the well-known work of Semyon Kirlian.

  Appareil GDV

It takes part of an integrative approach allowing to unite different forms of measures and therapies, from both conventional and complementary medicine, in order to provide the best care through a holistic understanding of the person.

                                                             Akv virt chak

This measuring principle is approved by the Russian Ministry of Health and is part of the computer diagnostic aid methods. It is used in the largest international congresses in the context of numerous scientific studies and currently used in more than 70 countries.

Prof. Korotkov has carried out large clinical trials in Russia and the diagnostic accuracy of the GDV / Bio-Well camera has been measured at over 95%.
The system has been approved by the Russian Academy of Sciences for unrestricted use in medicine.

Following the obtaining of a European certificate of conformity, this technique can now be used throughout the European community without restriction.

According to Prof. Korotkov, Health Energy is based on 4 pillars:

Puce 1 The endocrine system (especially the adrenal glands and the thyroid),
Puce 1 The digestive system (closely related to the immune system),
Puce 1 The autonomic nervous system (neuro-vegetative),
Puce 1 The emotions and the mind.

The optimal correction of imbalances is done both by the management of emotional and mental stress, the regulation of the autonomic nervous system, the detoxification-regeneration of the digestive system and the support of the endocrine system.

Once the energy fields have been analyzed with the GDV / Bio-Well device, it is possible to rebalance energy using natural techniques (manual energy care, regulation of emotions, cardiac coherence, healthy and balanced diet, optimized and precise complementary nutrition, ...).

The GDV / Bio-Well software transforms the image of the fields of the 10 fingers into different graphics allowing precise evaluation in a few minutes:

Puce 1 The overall energy level of the individual,

Puce 1 The functioning of the organs (in excess or in default),

Puce 1 The psycho-emotional and environmental impact,

Puce 1 The state of energy health,

Puce 1 The quality of the individual's relationship with his environment,

Puce 1 The pathological fields,

Puce 1 The possible future developments of pathological processes,

Puce 1 The body's reaction(s) to the treatments applied,

Puce 1 The person's condition during a treatment,

Puce 1 The quality of the rehabilitation acquired during treatment until recovery.



It is also possible to test the potential effectiveness of treatments, to determine intolerances (for example of food origin such as gluten intolerance ...) or sensitivity to electromagnetic waves, at the origin of certain disorders of health not detected by the usual examinations (blood test, radio, scanner ...).




The LVA (Life Vibration Analyzer), developed by Stéphane CARDINAUX and his research group, which is part of the diffusion dynamic of these new quantum devices.

This device analyzes the vibratory state of all parts of the body (and about a hundred organs and systems), but also the subtle / transcendental planes to give an automatic interpretation of the origin of energetic disturbances and their possible impacts on the physical body, and on a person's life.



It also provides advice and good practices for building an exit strategy from the identified problem. In this sense, it goes much further than the simple observation of the dysfunction, since it identifies the psychological characteristics, the personal and family trajectories which led to this state of being. Beyond the measurement and interpretation system that was built by Stéphane CARDINAUX, it is a real decision-making aid device for the therapist and the person.



To my knowledge, it is the only device in the world currently to integrate such a system of interpretation and of support for the therapist.



Today, the discoveries and dissemination work of Professor Korotkov and Stéphane Cardinaux provide as many people as possible access to this exciting and almost unlimited approach to the possibilities of investigation and diagnosis.