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Oppressed, stressed, exhausted, do you have trouble relaxing, taking a distance? One or a few Relaxation and Energy Re-balancing Sessions will allow you to stop mentalizing and find yourself.


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Very simply:

Puce 1 With a Psycho-energetic Assessment of a few minutes: we analyze your energies (feeling and with GDV and LVA devices) to identify the stresses, blockages or conflicts that are at work, as well as their causes.

Puce 1 Then a rebalancing, a re-harmonization of your subtle energies is carried out.


This re-harmonization work uses different techniques, chosen according to each person:

Puce 1 Magnetism

Puce 1 Sounds (and sometimes mantras)

Puce 1 Lights

Puce 1 Cristals

A session lasts approximately 90 minutes.

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Giving you Autonomy:

Puce 1 At the end of the session, if you wish, some simple bioenergetic practices are taught to you to allow you to maintain this state of psychological / physiological balance and of harmony / serenity regained by yourself.

Puce 1 You can also take a Feeling Box (BFS (r)) home to regularly realign yourself to the vibrations that are most positive for you in your context.



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