2022 - 2023 : the entire curriculum being in a complete overhaul phase, no training is planned this year. Only specific requests for 5 to 8 people will be taken into account with an appropriate response to each request.


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At a time when humanity is undergoing an important evolution of consciousness, many questioning can arise and affect the decisions to be made.

The requested changes can seem insurmountable if the unconscious strategies remain blocked on the old paradigms, and can no longer adapt to the times to come.


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For those who want to understand / learn the subtle planes and transform:

Puce 1 Master after having discovered;

Puce 1 Activate sleeping abilities;

Puce 1 (Re) structure yourself differently;

Puce 1 Add a complement to other knowledge:

Puce 1 Hypnosis;

Puce 1 Naturopathy;
Puce 1 Traditional Chinese Medecine;...


The purpose of the ABILIGHT seminars is to teach you the basics of understanding and current use of the Energies of the Subtle Bodies.

By integrating these energies and concepts that support the experimentation of the life force, to know your essence beyond materiality, you can take a step back from life (and your life ...), expand your consciousness to better analyze your own trajectory.

So you can stop karmic cycles or loops, strengthen your energy structure, start implementing these principles and techniques to live better, better use your time in relation to others with more awareness.

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Our desire is to help you to:

Puce 1  Become autonomous to manage, use, balance your energies whatever the plane of existence concerned;

Puce 1 Increase your level of consciousness, your psychic capacities (mediumship etc ...);

Puce 1 Accelerate your spiritual development;

Puce 1 Go and seek for yourself, in the subtle planes, the information you might need for your evolution;

Puce 1 Identify when the energies of places, other people or entities can affect you and how to cleanse your energy fields.



Each Module lasts 2 days, during week-end time. Always at a contained price, 75 Euros per person and per module.

Puce 1 Module 1: Initiation to Bioenergy;

Puce 1 Module 2: Purify and activate your chakras;

Puce 1 Module 3: Exploration of the higher planes of consciousness;

Puce 1 Module 4: Light Bodies Activations;

Puce 1 Module 5: Initiation to Mediumship and increase in psychic capacities;

Puce 1 Module 6: "Kit Bag", evolution and personal growth (reminder and re-practice of the main tools of energetic perceptions);

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Planning under development