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The greatest sages of all time can tell what they want, if one is exhausted, stressed, one cannot live, incarnate, Unconditional Love.

Tired physically, nervously, attempts to stay in the present moment, in tolerance, unconditional acceptance of all that is, remains an additional mental effort. Counterproductive since we add an additional objective...

One of the main obstacles to spiritual growth is stress and physical fatigue. Information saturation contributes to this.

Not loving anyone anymore and being constantly angry are signs that show us that we need to rest.

Let go you say?

Yes, but without giving up, just by setting the right limit with others.




Exploring the subtle planes leads us to discover that the knowledge or experiences that we seek are already in us, denied or contained to remain anchored.
For example, the meeting of a person, apparently unknown until then, makes spouts out a wave of sensory and emotional "flashes", diffusing in all the body, coming from a distant past.
During this letting go (fortuitous?), we find ourselves realizing that a particular knowledge and the associated experience are already in us. Learning is Remembering.
These encounters, by their emotional nature, show us that we have to go use the heart to rediscover this knowledge. First focus on it, pay attention to it, then let it happen ...

A limited self-destruction to be able to avoid triggering a more massive one ...


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Scouting of Cromlechs of the Basque Country before organization Exit 2022

Moments of sharing and teaching with the friends from "Harmonie et Résonnance"...





For any earthly event, there are different reading levels. If on our level of existence, this health crisis is a probable malicious act, in the subtle planes, this process of destruction comes from the need to get out of an unconscious economic headlong rush that leads us to the negation of others life forms. The need to relieve a planet weary of human frenzy and greed.


A limited self-destruction to be able to avoid triggering a more massive one ...



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Children come from the stars
And grow on burgeons
They watch the sails away far
And ask themselves the question

Inflated with values, wisdom and reason
With efforts, meaning and usefulness
Where are going all these inventions 
That will lead us to servileness?