Bioenergy WorkShop and Training Modules 1 & 2

From 15/06/2019 to 16/06/2019 from 09:30 at 17:30

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FORUM 104 - PARIS 70 Euros per module

These courses are intended to introduce participants to Bioenergies and the practice of Bioenergetics techniques.

They materialize by a serie of 6 one day training, grouped by 2 to hold in a weekend.
This with a content price because personal growth should not be slowed down by economic constraints, so 70 Euros per module, and with a maximum of 6 trainees during each training.


  •     Module 1: Initiation to Bioenergies, energy anatomy and energetic feeling. Theory and practical exercises.

  •     Module 2: Purify and activate your chakras. Practical exercises of activation and guided meditations.

  •     Module 3: Exploration of higher levels of consciousness. Practical exercises of exploration and guided meditations.

  •     Module 4: Merkaba Activations. Why and how to activate your Merkaba. Practical exercises and guided meditations.

  •     Module 5: Increasing psychic abilities and mediumship. Work with crystals: how to communicate with them, receive their teachings. Practical exercises and guided meditations.

  •     Module 6: "Kit Bag" evolution and personal growth. Finalization of the training to be autonomous in your own spritual research in a structured way.


Registration by email at the following address:




FORUM 104 104, rue de Vaugirard, 75006 PARIS France