Conference: the reality of the invisible and bioenergies

On 18/05/2019 from 14:00 at 17:00

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Club de Yoga Daniel Genty - Viry Chatillon Duration : around 3 hours 15 Euros



Conference on the reality of the invisible and bioenergies


  • Measurements Energy of about ten people with GDV device (KIRLIAN effect). Following the conference, each person will receive by email the images and a first level of energy analysis concerning them.


  • Introduction to Bioenergies:
    • Nature and structure of bioenergies,
    • History of scientific discoveries and current state of research and practices.

  • Practical exercise of body regeneration:
    • Learn to feel the energy axes of the human body, the chakras and their energy levels,
    • Initiation to the control of the energy body by the thought.


  • Guided meditation:
    • Chakras purification,
    • Opening the upper chakras and opening to different consciousness levels (access to his spiritual fields of consciousness by mastering energy through thought)
    • Realignment of subtle bodies and clarification of thoughts and perception of the outside world





Club de Yoga Daniel Genty 89, rue Pierre Curie, 91170 Viry Chatillon