COVID: don't let yourself be caught by the darkness

abilai By On 28/07/2021

COVID: don't let yourself be caught by the darkness

There is as much shadow and darkness on the side of those who campaign not to have a vaccine as of those who want to impose it.

Verbal violence, warlike speeches, slavery reflexes, ... It vibrates very low on both sides ...

All are stuck in the mental matrix created long ago (on our scale) to enslave us by polarizing us and throwing us against each other, to look away. We are blinded by it. Bumping into us, bouncing against its walls.


It is possible to transmute this period of transformation by positively mutating DNA through consciousness. It has already started to mutate, and we can't help it, because of the cosmic cycles of which we are a part.

The Spirit can do anything: and in particular transmute, orient in consciousness, the epigenetic pressure of this viral event into something positive for our evolution.

If we don't let ourselves be caught in the shadows ....

Kisses to all.