Learning is remembering

abilai By On 17/09/2021

Learn by remembering,

the exploration of the subtle planes, makes us regularly discover that the knowledge or experiences that we are looking for were already in progress, denied or confined in order to be able to manage daily life and integrate socially.

Then the meeting of a person, apparently unknown 'til then, spouts out a wave of sensory and emotional "flashes", powerful and diffused in all the body, relating to a childish past or much more distant, which brings us an incredible quantity of answers.

It is during these moments of letting go and of (fortuitous?) encounters that we notice that the knowledge and experience we are looking for are already in us, all the knowledge is in us; learning is remembering.

And these encounters, by their affective and emotional character, show us that we have to go through the heart to find it.


Going through the heart is first to focus on it, pay attention to it, then let it happen ...


Enjoy and kisses to all.